Hydraulic Driven Vacuum Pumps
Hydraulic driven industrial vacuum pumps require higher horse power especially for pressure off-loading. Our vacuum pump sales and design teams understands the importance of longevity and reliability, so we offer the equipment to meet those needs. We offer a large variety of hydraulic pump and motor combos, hydraulic cooling packs for closed and open loop systems, various reservoir sizes and many PTO (power take off) options to ensure the proper horse power and RPMs are met. When using hydraulic drives, it is very important to know the RPM of the pump during operations which is why we include a tachometer with digital readout to make sure our customers know when to speed up or slow down. Hydraulic driven pumps include side or platform mounting plates, complete 4-way valve manifolds, Thompson oil separator/silencer, pressure and vacuum relief valves (if applicable), and heavy duty hydraulic motor.